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In order to check out materials from the library, patrons must first apply for a library card. To be issued a library card at no cost, a patron must:

Reside in Hardin County. If not resident of county, must be resident in the Shiloh Region (excluding Madison County).
Obtain signature of parent or legal guardian on application if younger than sixteen years of age. This person must be in the library to sign the form
Provide as a reference the name, address and phone number of a person locally, not living in the same household as applicant.
Present some form of identification showing current address. This may be a driver's license, receipt from utilities, post office, etc.
If not resident of county or the Shiloh Region (excluding Madison County), the patron will pay an annual fee of $10.00. No more than five (5) items at a time may be checked out by this patron. No three (3) days items may be checked out.

 All circulation materials other than videocassettes and DVDs may be checked out by any patron with a library card in good standing. A patron must be sixteen (16) years of age or older in order to check out a video cassette or DVD.

 There will be a limit of five (5) items per checkout for the first 90 days after a library card is issued and used; no audio visual materials may be checked out during this time. Any patron with a library card in good standing may check out a maximum of ten (10) items on his/her library card after the first 90 days.

 Each patron must present a library card at the circulation desk in order to check out books or other circulating materials. If a patron does not have their library card with them, the library may hold his/her books for up to three (3) days until he/she can return with their library card. If a patron has lost his card and has no materials outstanding on that card, he may purchase a replacement card at a cost of $1.00 for a first time replacement, $5.00 per card after the second card is given, and check out books immediately upon receiving it. His previous card will be deleted and may not be used again once the new card is issued.

 If you have overdues or fines on your card, you may not check any other items out.

 There is a “day of grace” offered for your benefit. This is the very first day after the due date. After this day, fines will then be applied.

 For books or other book forms, the fine will be $0.10 a day.

 Materials may be renewed by telephone as long as there are no requests pending for those items. Preference will be given to patrons in the library, so a caller may be asked to wait until others have been waited on.

 Library cards may be issued to institutions such as daycares, schools, and nonprofit agencies. The institution will provide the library a letter, written on institutional letterhead, requesting such a card. The person authorized by the institution who signs the letter commits the institution to financial responsibility for any and all materials checked out on the card.

 Possession of the institution's library card by an individual implies permission and authority to use the card. Should there be any fees for overdue, lost, or damanged materials or collection agency fees incurred, it is the institution's responsibility to make restitution. Institutional cards will be subject to the same rules as individual cards.